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time attendance

Commercial Sound Systems are a priority for the success of modern Commercial Businesses. Clear and Precise sound is an increasingly important part of the operations of every business, whether it is a school, restaurant, shopping mall or warehouse. Commercial Audio Systems allow individuals to quickly and effectively communicate, whether it is between a business owner and his employees, or a sales individual and potential customers.

ELNour Security Systems is proud to provide Professional Commercial Sound and Audio Systems for educational (school districts, college or university campuses), commercial (retail stores, car dealerships, etc.) and enterprise (medical/hospital buildings, corporate buildings) businesses. ELNour Security Systems can service all brands of professional sound systems, and can install any new products or Commercial Audio Systems your business may need.

audio conferencing

One of the main benefits in having a good audio conference system is lowering travel costs. By eliminating the need for out-of-office meetings, you can improve productivity and streamline communications. Much more than just, “speaker phone”, teleconferencing has many advantages:

  • Daily meetings with remote parties
  • Sales presentations
  • Project meetings and updates
  • Regular team meetings
  • Training classes/ communication to employees in different locations

public address

Public address sound systems are not one-size-fits-all.
From the size and design of the space to the type of sound being broadcast, these sound systems demand sophisticated planning and execution in order to give you the best results for your application. ELNour Security Systems highly trained professionals can help you make the most of your sound.

Music quality and speech intelligibility are particularly challenging and crucial in large environments.
And for public address and paging systems, sometimes the quality of sound is a matter of great consequence. Whether in a church sanctuary, sports complex, convention center, outdoor venue, or any environment where you need a quality sound, ELNour’s can help. We’ll design and install a good-fit sound system that delivers the best performance at a price you can afford.

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I have been extremely impressed with ELNour Security Systems. In their High Definition video surveillance systems, access control systems, and alarm systems, they seized quickly on the opportunities and issues in our business and put together a comprehensive plan.

Ahmed Fouad
Business Development, Uber Technologies, Inc

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